Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Structural Work continues

Joist splicing to front lounge and new kitchen completed as per new staircase arrangement. Some adjustments are made as result of structural work to bearing locations.

Existing stairwell walls may hinder the installation of the staircase - decision taken to remove first floor wall completely to bedroom ceiling height, as there is a small risk a free standing wall may become unstable.

Exposed internal solid walls to be pointed/flushed up ad hoc in order to reduce leakage potential, even though air tightness membrane will be the main ‘sealer’. All ground floor walls up to 1m high are tanked using a cement slurry ‘Hey di K11’. Indirectly this also helps sealing up brickwork.

Roof recovering work continues front elevation completed. The finish marries up almost perfectly with neighbouring properties, with a maximum difference of 10mm at the bonding gutters