Friday, 29 October 2010

And so the work continues...

First fix heating and plumbing commenced.

Heating pipework is in micro-bore.

Solar collector pipework enters roof void between the pod an party walls via a proprietary flexible slate on roof. These fall outside of the airtightness membrane and enter on the first floor living space rear-elevation.

Care needed to be taken that the breach in the airtightness is controlled and carefully resealed.

Furthermore, pipework from the pod for the heating and the overflow for the MVHR also breached the airtightness membrane. The location is awkward and a lot of effort was taken to ensure that resealing was satisfactory. These pipes enter the bathroom services cupboard via a sealed duct.

The boiler flue was sleeved through a duct to outside.
This sleeve was sealed around the brickwork and the airtightness membrane. When the boiler flue is inserted the gap between the flue and the duct will be sealed internally and externally ensuring airtightness.

Second fix joinery commenced.
Fire doors within the property were cut from fire blanks to take into account non standard openings.

The kitchen was installed as per agreed layout.
The cooker-hood extractor which was integrated as part of the MVHR was installed and attached to the ducting.

A cupboard was formed in the front bedroom to allow for storage and an additional cupboard was formed around the MVHR unit.

Site visit takes place from Kingfisher Group to look at pod and retrofit works.

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